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This Might Be The Best Response To Men's Rights Activists Trying To Sneak Into Australia

Womp womp.

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Daryush “Roosh” Valizadeh is most likely going to be banned from entering Australia after announcing plans to organize a meeting of “heterosexual, masculine men” all around Australia.

Facebook: uncleroosh

Valizadeh is the leader of Return of Kings, a Men's Rights group that believes that rape should be legalised on private property and that women are biologically destined to be subservient to men.

Since news broke that Valizadeh was most likely not going to be allowed into Australia to attend his meet-up, he's been ranting about it on Twitter.

"Australian Immigration Minister Peter Dutton has requested urgent briefing". Their borders are weak. I'll get in.

Calling Australia's borders "swiss cheese."

I don't need to apply for a visa if I'm coming in by boat. The border is like Swiss cheese:

And claiming he doesn't need a visa to travel because his dad is Muslim.

"Apply for a visa" lol. My dad's Muslim... I don't need a visa to go anywhere in the West. I just walk/boat in.


And calling Australia's Department of Immigration and Border Protection "gay."

I will sneak in to your country, hold my meetings, laugh, and then slip out. Your gay authorities won't stop me.

After a bunch of tweets taunting Australian authorities, Valizadeh finally got the attention of Roman Quaedvlieg, Australia's Border Force Commissioner.

I have the funds to get in by boat through one of multiple weak points. Money is no barrier to the operation.

Who seems to be taking Valizadeh's threats of sneaking into Australia via boat pretty seriously.

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