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    Police Investigating Photos Of Officers "Laughing After A Muslim Mother's Hijab Was Ripped Off"

    Police told BuzzFeed News they are aware of claims that police officers laughed at a Muslim woman after her hijab was pulled off and she was assaulted.

    @MPSCroydon these 3 girls attacked a Muslim mum collecting her from school and ripping her hijab off..#croydon

    A 25-year-old Muslim mum was allegedly set upon by three women who began harassing her for "wearing a headscarf" last week.

    The alleged incident took place close to Al-Khair, a local private Islamic primary school in Croydon, south London.

    According to eyewitnesses, the three women asked if she was hot in the headscarf. The victim, who wishes to remain anonymous, told the Evening Standard that they then began punching and kicking her.

    Two women, one aged 35 and the other 18, have been arrested on suspicion of common assault and a racially aggravated offence. They were taken to a police station before being bailed to return at a later date. Officers continue to investigate, Scotland Yard said.

    Photos said to have been taken at the scene have since been circulating on social media. Users claim that officers arrived and began laughing at the victim.

    Women attacked a hijabi & removed her scarf, Police turned up and made jokes with them. #Croydon @metpoliceuk

    A Metropolitan police spokesperson told BuzzFeed News that it was aware of the photos:

    "The victim has made a formal complaint in relation to the Met's response to the incident. This will be investigated fully."

    One widely shared photo appears to show police officers leaning against the wall of a home while a woman points and laughs at a stroller.

    Many users are comparing it what happened recently in McKinney, Texas.

    Users are also tweeting photos at Croydon police's official Twitter account.

    @MPSCroydon @2ziza If this is true, these constables don't deserve to serve the diverse people of London.

    @MPSCroydon officers investigating a serious assault by three women on one for simply wearing a headscarf?

    This is not the first time comparisons have been made on social media between the behaviour of UK and US police forces.

    @TheOmaRamo I can confirm the matter was dealt with and arrests were made. hope this helps.

    Police in Scotland came under fire last month over the death of Sheku Bayoh, a Sierra Leonean man who died from possible asphyxiation after being detained by more than nine police officers.

    A reminder that police brutality isn't exclusively a US problem #RIP #ShekuBayoh

    If #ShekuBayoh killing was in US there would be riots. Will @scotgov allow less scrutiny of police than in England?

    #Kirkcaldy police need to give answers about #ShekuBayoh this isn't America these are the people who police us.