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    Meet Wang Xianxiang, The Chinese Eyelid-Weightlifter

    Xianxiang can lift about four and a half pounds with each eyelid. Obviously, don't click on this post if you're squeamish about how eyes are supposed to work.

    This is Wang Xianxiang, he's a 42-year-old fireworks maker from the Hunan province of China. He also happens to be able to lift buckets of water that weigh about 5 pounds with each of his eyelids and keep them lifted for about a minute.

    On Saturday he performed at a festival near his hometown. He practices about 30 minutes each morning, then another two hours at night. He told NBC News, "I can currently hold 4.5 pounds on each eyelid, I’d like to push that to 11 pounds per eyelid."