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    Meet Pumpkin, The Orphaned Raccoon That Now Thinks She's A Dog

    OMG she's like a little catdog!

    This is Pumpkin. She's a Bahamian raccoon. When she was only a few days old she fell out of a tree in Rosie Kemp's backyard.

    Kemp and her daughter Laura Young told CBS News that they thought Pumpkin's mom might come back for her, but unfortunately she never did.

    The Bahamas Humane Society couldn't care for Pumpkin, but Young and her husband, William, didn't want to abandon the little trash panda.

    So...Pumpkin moved in!

    It's legal to keep a raccoon as a pet in the Bahamas as long as it's vaccinated.

    Pumpkin joined Laura and William and their two dogs, Toffee and Oreo.

    Pumpkin spent the first month after she moved in recovering from a broken hind leg.

    Laura and William document all of Pumpkin's adventures on Facebook and Instagram.

    Here's Pumpkin and Oreo hanging out.


    As you can see, Pumpkin seems to be fitting in just fine.

    "Pumpkin considers the dogs her mums," Laura told BuzzFeed. "The bond with Oreo was straight away and Toffee soon after! They get along great!"

    "She respects them when they have had enough rough play and she loves to cuddle next to them when she is tired."

    Look at her little hands 😍😍😍

    Also, apparently, she's quite the chef.

    And just a LITTLE bit mischievous.

    "Raccoons are not pets and should be left alone in their natural habitats but since Pumpkin didn't get the chance, we want to ensure she has the best life possible and want and will always do whatever is best for her," Laura said.


    This post has been updated with quotes from Laura Young.


    Pumpkin's owner is Laura Young. An earlier version of this post misstated her name.