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    Kim Kardashian Accidentally Inspires Pro-Gun #SweetKimGunPic Trending Tag

    Kardashian posted a photo of her new diamond-encrusted handgun yesterday, which infuriated all of her followers. Things got a lot weirder though when Glenn Beck got involved.

    On Wednesday, Kardashian tweeted this photo of a diamond-encrusted handgun.

    Her twitter followers erupted in a fury, after she called for gun control during the Sandy Hook shooting.

    Posting photos of guns is nothing new for Kardashian, however. She posted this picture of a designer handgun to her instagram in June.

    In a strange twist, Glenn Beck tweeted at Kardashian Thursday morning, after she had pulled the tweet, with a photo of his favorite rifle.

    And Beck's followers were inspired to use the same #sweetkimgunpic to share their favorite photos of guns.

    Not everyone is taking the hashtag seriously though.

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