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    Jay-Z And Kanye West's "No Church In The Wild" Is Like A Metaphor For Everything

    Seriously, it's basically the plot of everything ever.

    The song's memorable chorus sums up pretty much everything, like Space Jam.

    Or Fight Club.

    Definitely works for The Great Gatsby.

    It fits perfectly for The Avengers, especially because Thor is an actual God and Tony Stark is an atheist, so it's not even a metaphor.

    Same deal with Watchmen.

    It's not just movies either, Portal 2 fits too.

    It accurately captures the chaotic evil of D.W. from Arthur

    You better believe it works for Doctor Who.

    Even Breaking Bad!

    And duh, Game Of Thrones, also.

    This Spongebob one is a bit of a stretch, but...

    It's a simple message, even Emojis can capture its deep meaning.

    Seriously, it's like, a metaphor...

    ...For like everything, you know?