Japan’s Version Of Grumpy Cat Is A Cat Who Looks Like He’s Permanently Disappointed In You

He’s not angry, he’s just, you know, disappointed.

1. This is Foo-Chan and he doesn’t want to be upset, but he can’t help it.

2. And he’s got a Tumblr and Twitter, but like whatever.

3. He’s sensitive. He’s fragile.

4. He can’t bear the thought of scratching the same post again.

5. Every day for him is just sleep, eat, lick, repeat.

6. Not to mention he’s still upset over how short the NSYNC VMAs reunion was.

7. Foo-Chan just wants to put on some Death Cab For Cutie and maybe read some David Foster Wallace.

8. “It’s just… am I chasing the mouse or is the mouse chasing me?”

9. What’s the point?

10. Catnip doesn’t have the same excitement it used to.

11. He just thought things would turn out better than this.

13. Is this all there is to life?

14. ♬ All around me are familiar faces worn out places worn out faces ♬

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