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    James Franco Has A New Art Exhibit Called "Gay Town"

    It's an installation exhibit being put on by Peres Projects in Berlin. It looks like it's, uh, certainly something.

    From the press release: "GAY TOWN explores a variety of themes that are central to Franco's artistic practice..."

    "...adolescence, public and private persona, stereotypes..."

    "...and other societal concerns such as society's preoccupation with celebrity."

    "Franco created most of the works for GAY TOWN over the past two years, making many of the works in hotel rooms..."

    "...and other temporary locations whilst completing other projects, mainly motion pictures."

    Here's an interview with Javier Peres, the art dealer handling the exhibit:

    View this video on YouTube

    James Franco's previous artistic projects have included "a museum of invisible art," which was essentially just air, which he sold for $10,000

    And several other art exhibits, like "The Dangerous Book Four Boys," which involved "media including sculpture, video, photography, and drawing."