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Happy National Nicolas Cage Day!

January 7th is that magical time of year when we celebrate the birth of America's greatest actor.

He's one pretty cool cat.

And he can definitely carry some pretty serious roles.

He's one of the best actors of our time.

And he's a pretty handsome guy, too.

Some might even say he's pretty sexy.

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He's easily googleable.

He makes the perfect resume.

Fun Fact: The character of Thor was based on him*

He was the best part of one of the best movies ever made.

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It's hard to deny his intense screen presence.

He's got a lot of really cool stories.

And he's still a young guy, he turns 49 years old today.

Although, that might not be his real age.

He might be much, much older.

But most importantly, he understands the importance of a good book.

There's no arguing with the facts, people. He's an absolute delight.

So chill out and just accept it.

He's pretty much out of this world!

He's kind of a magical guy.

So happy birthday, Mr. Cage.

We love you.

You are the guiding light of our lives.

OK, one more GIF...