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    Florida Town Comes Together To Reunite Homeless Man With His Missing Dog

    WARNING: This story is both heartbreaking and heartwarming at the same time.

    This is James and his dog Handover. James is homeless, and tragically, Handover was taken from James earlier in May.

    Though James was homeless, he would collect enough money to get Handover his flea medication and monthly shots. One day though, someone unhooked Handover's chain, taking him from James.

    That's when the town of Hudson, Florida came together to reunite James with Handover.

    After 4,000 Facebook likes, a town collection that raised $1,000, and 2 weeks of searching, James was reunited with Handover!

    Thankfully, Handover was back together again with his buddy.

    The local couple that found Handover gave the thousand dollars the community collected to find the dog to James, feeling that he needed it more than they did.

    Handover was neutered and microchipped to hopefully make sure no one tries to take him again.

    They also got Handover a new trailer-attachment for James' bike.

    The town are now working to make sure James and Handover have a new place to live and hopefully a job.

    Though it's a work in progress, it's definitely a happy ending for James and Handover.

    (h/t Reddit)

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