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    Are You Too Old To Be At This Concert?

    You're the oldest person in the arena and you have work in the morning, this is silly.

    So you're at a concert trying to be cool...

    ...but you feel a little overdressed.

    And you're pretty sure this is what you look like:

    You try to start a conversation with the people around you.

    But everybody looks like this:

    Were concert lights always this bright and flashy?

    Who are these opening acts?

    Why does everyone seem to know the songs better than you do?

    Hey, but you're old enough to buy beer, so you check out the prices at the bar.

    $12 later you walk back to the crowd with this much beer:

    You finally work up the courage to dance.

    Hey, this isn't so bad, you're feeling young and free — you're one with the rhythm.

    You're totally fitting in!

    Except you're not...

    You're feeling super out of place.

    Oh no... What if you're...

    What if you're the uncool old guy at the concert?

    This might not be your scene anymore.

    And that's fine, because you can still rock out on your own.

    You don't need to sweat in a cramped room anymore!

    And at least you won't end up like this guy.

    Concerts are weird, anyway.