Alice Cooper Thinks Mumford & Sons And The Lumineers Are An Offense To Rock ‘n’ Roll

“I just think this whole generation needs to eat a steak.”

1. “I guess they want to be folk rock and I guess they want to look like everybody else.”

2. “I mean Rock ‘N Roll is not about happy, happy, happy, ‘we’re The Lumineers, let’s clog dance.’”

Simone Joyner/Stringer / Getty Images

Keystone/Stringer / Getty Images


3. “Mumford & Sons are great at what they do, but it’s not Rock ‘n’ Roll, don’t call it Rock ‘n’ Roll.”

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4. “I guess I’m old school, if you’re in a band, you’re an outlaw.”

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5. “I don’t understand why everyone is so afraid to be in a rock band.”

Simone Joyner/Stringer / Getty Images

Hulton Archive/Staff / Getty Images


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