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    A Girl Was Beaten Up For Looking Like Taylor Swift

    Xenna Kristian, an 18-year-old Taylor Swift impersonator, was beaten up at her school due to her likeness to the young popstar.

    Xenna Kristian received bruising and possibly a broken jaw after she was allegedly yanked from her chair and kicked on the ground.

    The incident happened at Walford and North Shropshire College in England, where Xenna goes to school. The alleged attack was reported to local law enforcement.

    Xenna had been working as a Taylor Swift look-alike for about a year before the bullying. She said she regularly receives mean comments from other students.

    Xenna said the alleged attack was due to jealousy:

    "They must be jealous that I'm going off to do something with my life... Nothing like this has ever happened to me before. I'm still shaken... I've had to cancel three appearances this week. If my jaw is broken I could be out of action for two months."

    Xenna and her mom talk about the incident:

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    Though many Twitter users sympathize with Xenna's bullying, others are calling her a "famewhore" or say she was "looking for attention."

    Xenna has had to miss two gigs as a Taylor Swift look-alike this week, but if her jaw is in fact broken, she could miss almost two months of appearances.