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A Fashion Blogger Admitted She Uses Photoshop And Revealed The Before And After Photos

She said it was time to come clean.

Dana Suchow, the blogger behind the fashion site Do The Hot Pants, put up a post a week ago revealing that she's actually been photoshopping her pictures.

"I want to be as transparent with you as possible, I’ve decided to expose the instances where I used photoshop to distort and change my body," Suchow wrote. "I’m putting my flaws out there, as little or as big as they seem."

After the photos started getting attention, she did an interview about the inspiration behind the post. She said it was about coming clean for her readers.

She mainly used Photoshop to cover up her stomach and her skin, which have been huge insecurities for her entire life.

"Love yourself for who you are," Suchow wrote. "You are a unique God damn snowflake so never forget that!"