7-Eleven Just Released Mozzarella Sticks Made From Doritos And Everyone’s Freaking Out

In the future, everything will be Doritos.

1. When we last heard about the rumored “Stuffed Doritos” that were being tested out at 7-Eleven, it was only in a few select places.

2. A lot of people got really excited, which makes sense. I mean, what do we have left to lose?

3. Well, hold on to your hats, people. 7-Eleven just launched them.

4. According to the press release they’re “loaded with warm melted cheese and encrusted with bold Doritos Nacho Cheese flavor.”

I've been so busy reading about #SCOTUS that I haven't even begun to emotionally prepare for #DoritosLoaded

— Natalie Shure (@nataliesurely)

7. There’s a hashtag for it.

I just got these, 1.99 for each, each box has 4 Doritos #doritosloaded #7eleven

— Reytrill (@Rey972trill)

That #DoritosLoaded look good af. Just made me hungry. I wonder if 7-11 got them right now lol

— Kendrick F. Warren (@YOameriKENdream)

Today's the day to feel like a fat jerk after eating #DoritosLoaded!!!

— Jared (@JaredMay76)

10. And while not everyone is psyched about the concept of cramming molten convenience store cheese inside of a big corn chip…

#DoritosLoaded omfg..

— lacy chaRMaiNE (@Dai4u13)

Today is a good day. @ChrisBlec and I are getting #DoritosLoaded delivered to our office via @Postmates

— Kenton Jacobsen (@kentonjacobsen)

Just tried #DoritosLoaded It's horrible What were they thinking???

— Aaron Paul Composer (@AaronPaulSongs)

13. Everyone’s definitely got an opinion.

went by the brand new @7eleven in downtown dallas for the @Doritos #DoritosLoaded and its burnt and dry. #NEVERAGAIN

— Adam, All Night (@AdamAllNight)

If I could explain my #DoritosLoaded experience, it would be delicious pockets of cheesy happiness. #cheatday #totallyworthit

— Jenny Awe (@jennyawe)

Loaded Doritos? Sounds gross

— Ayrenne' McClinton (@_iAMpower_)

7/11 clerk asked me if I wanted to try the Doritos Loaded... in my head I was like "no thanks, I don't need the shits today"

— trance in my pants (@CDriver42)

if you want to try the new Doritos Loaded at 7-11 all I can say in no! I regret tasting it. Don't do it!

— Bryce Madison (@brymadison)

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