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21 Things We Know About The Mother From "How I Met Your Mother"

Monday night, it's rumored we'll finally find out who Ted marries — this is everything we know so far. If you're a superfan, you probably already know all this stuff, though.

1. The mother is NOT Robin, though in the event the show didn't last more than one season, she was going to be.

2. Ted meets her at Barney and Robin's wedding.

3. She plays bass in the wedding band.

4. She meets Ted at a train station outside of the wedding.

Holding the same yellow umbrella that Ted has been running into...


And over...

And over again...

5. In the episode "The Lucky Penny," Ted reveals that the mother lives in New York.

6. Ted marries her BEFORE the year 2020, when he attends a college reunion with Marshall and Lilly.

7. She's at a St. Patrick's Day party that Ted and Barney go to in 2008.

(She's there with her yellow umbrella.)

8. At one point she lived in the same apartment as Ted's ex-girlfriend Cindy.

9. This is her ankle walking into her bedroom while she's living with Cindy.

10. On the first day Ted teaches (the wrong class) at Columbia, she's in the auditorium.

11. In Season 5, Episode 12, it's revealed she shares Ted's love of Pablo Neruda and her favorite poem is "Desnuda Eres."

12. Ted gives up smoking two weeks into dating her.

13. By the time Barney, Ted, and Marshall watch the Star Wars trilogy in 2015, Ted's first daughter has been born.

14. This is Louis, the last guy the mother dates before Ted.

15. It's most likely that the mother is a brunette, as shown in the episode that reveals that the mother is NOT Stella.

16. There were hints, though, that it could have been Stella:

17. She also isn't any of these women.

18. There is a massive theory that Ted's future wife is Barney's half-sister Carly. It has since been shot down, but parts of it still might be accurate.

19. Adding further proof to the Carly theory, many claim seeing "C + C" written in Cindy's apartment, proving the mother's name starts with a "C."

20. After the time travelers episode of Season 8, another theory has emerged that the mother is dead by the time Ted starts telling the story.

21. There's also this terrifying idea that the mother isn't real.

Whoever the mother is though, it means after tonight's episode, we'll never, ever, ever have to hear this again:

Because it has been eight years of this nonsense and there is no reason his story should have taken this long to tell! C'mon, Ted.





UPDATE: At the end of Monday's finale, this woman is shown getting a train ticket to Farhampton, carrying a yellow umbrella.