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    19 Easy Steps To Pretend You Went To Coachella Using Social Media

    Because Coachella is dumb and expensive and hot and lying about it on the internet is free.

    1. Talk about it a few days before, but don't overdo it. One tweet should suffice.

    2. Check in on Facebook AND Foursquare when you "get to the airport."

    3. It might seem weird, but you want to cover your bases and make sure all your followers know you're leaving.

    (Plus, neither Facebook or Foursquare actually need you to be in the place you say you are to check in there.)

    4. Google Image search the name of the airport you're leaving from and find an Instagram a photo of the security there.

    5. Be sure to tweet a few times about the "vibes." For whatever reason, people who go to Coachella love to talk about vibes.

    6. Don't overlook the importance of checking in on Foursquare "when you get there."

    7. Also, very, very important: an Instagram shot of the parking lot.

    8. But don't limit yourself to just Instagram. If you have a Tumblr, feel free to Google some nonspecific "Coachella first morning photos" and put them in a photo set.

    9. Also, don't be afraid to answer some questions about what it's like "being at Coachella." Social media is a two-way street!

    10. If you see any photos on Instagram you want to put on your Instagram, just make sure they're blurry, vague, or have palm trees in them.

    11. Make sure you tweet out something vaguely about music or having a good time to remind people you're still "at Coachella."

    12. You don't want to overdo it, because you might look suspicious — so just subtly remind your followers you're there with a discreet check-in at one of the stages.

    13. If you're posting night shots, do it the next morning. It makes you seem like you were too busy to post them the night before.

    14. Also, be sure to mix up where you post your "just waking up at Coachella Day 2 and Day 3" photos.

    15. You'll need at least one shot a day of some crowd. Try to find one where you can't make out the band.

    16. Don't be afraid to get specific with your check-ins. Make people think you're really taking some time to "explore the scene."

    17. Keeping this up for three days is exhausting, so be sure to mention at some point you have bad reception or low battery.

    18. If you see other people talking about cool moments, take an opportunity to remind them that it was even better when you "saw it live."

    19. And lastly, if you're feeling very courageous, try to take a fake selfie. I took this one next to a plastic palm tree at the mall.