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16 Incredible Transformation Photos Of Shelter Dogs

WARNING: Some of these before photos are a little tough to look at, but all of these dogs are thankfully doing great now!

1. This is Bird Dog when she first came into the Paaws Antigua Shelter in Antigua, West Indies.

2. And this is her right before she found a home!

3. This is Cedar, who was named for the golf course he was found near.

4. And this incredibly handsome pooch is Cedar on his way to his new home!

5. This is Coffee when he was first picked up.

6. And this is Coffee looking suave as heck after only one month.

7. Sumo was found tied to a fence with a short chain.

8. But look this big lug after being rescued!

9. ISA was found wandering the roadside in August.

10. And this is her chilling in the shelter as cool as a cucumber in January.

11. Shelley was also living by the roadside, found behind a local airport in January.

12. And here she is looking much healthier only two weeks later!

13. This is Rugby when he first came in.

14. And this is Rugby with a nice new haircut (he has to wear the cone because he's getting treated for heartworms).

15. This is Skinny in January. :(

16. But here he is less than two months later looking much better!

And remember! Adoption shelters are full of wonderful dogs just like these that are always looking for a nice home.

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