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    14 Things We Learned From The First Episodes Of "How I Met Your Mother" To Actually Star The Mother

    Here we go people. Also, literally, this post is all spoilers.

    1. Alright so, this is the Mother.

    2. We know she's going to play bass at Barney and Robin's wedding.

    3. And we know that Ted and her meet here.

    4. Monday night, on the first episode of the final season of How I Met Your Mother, we finally meet her! Like for real. Except we still don't know her name...

    5. We learn that she cooks really good cookies called Som'Bitches, which she gives to Lily, who is the first one of the main characters she meets.

    6. We learn that she has driving gloves, like Ted's dorky ones.

    7. And we learn that she likes boring travel junk just like Ted too.

    8. Also, in the future, she nicknames Ted "Tedwina Slowsby" because he is a really careful driver.

    9. Then Lily tries to bite her.

    10. But they end on a good note.

    11. And we don't learn much else about her until a really great flash forward, WHICH FINALLY SHOWS HER TALKING TO TED.

    12. We learn that they're super in love and that he decided right there and then that he'd bring the Mother back to the inn where Barney and Robin had their wedding.

    13. Which, let's be real, who knows if that's true because Ted is a big goofy idiot, but still it was super sweet.

    14. Also, another really good thing to know about the Mother: She thinks Ted is as much of a dork as everyone else does.

    But they still haven't met yet and it's super frustrating to watch!!!