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    11 Completely Absurd Vines From Oreo's Owl City Flashmob

    It's the jingle that just won't die.

    1. Today, Oreo brought their new Owl City jingle to New York to spread the "Wonderfilled" flavor of Oreo.

    2. And the whole publicity stunt ended in a massive sing-along in Union Square.

    3. People wearing Oreo shirts traveled the city, singing about cookies.

    4. This version of the theme song is actually pretty awesome.

    5. Then all the Oreo people headed to Union Square.

    6. The Oreo people filled the square, waiting for Owl City to arrive.

    7. While they were waiting, they sang some more.

    8. And then Owl City showed up and EVERYBODY sang.

    9. We asked some Oreo fans what they like about Oreos:

    10. And what they liked about Owl City:

    11. Alright, haha, stop. That's enough.