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Stunning Entries For This Years National Geographic Photo Contest

People, Places and Nature are the categories open for entry.

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Reindeer herder, by Sasha Leahovcenco

Sasha Leahovcenco /National Geographic Photo Contest 2014 / Via

A reindeer herder standing in front of winter yurt in traditional clothing made of reindeer skin in Chukotka, Russia.

I was finishing up a photo shoot when a wild kangaroo appeared out of nowhere and bounded onto the lake, as if walking on water. This, along with the picturesque sunset combined to create an absolute visual treat!

Overlooking Lake Louise in Banff National park, by Ben Leshchinsky

Ben Leshchinsky /National Geographic Photo Contest 2014 / Via

This disorienting photo was taken from a cliff overlooking Lake Louise in Banff national park. The two people are enjoying a canoe ride on Lake Louise's turquoise waters.

I headed out one night to photograph the Milky Way. As I reached the top of the mountain, this magnificent scene presented itself to me. I immediately wanted to photograph it in all its glory. After trying out a few different exposure times, I settled on a duration of roughly 16 minutes. This allowed me to capture the intense glow of the fire along with the surreal star trails seen in the sky.
On a windy day right after a Cyclone passed the far northern Great Barrier Reef I took some friends out to the reef. Never before I saw that many glass fish on this particular coral 'bommie' . Just when i setup my camera, this Napoleon Wrasse swam right through the school of fish building a living frame.

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