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11 Ridiculously Adorable Pictures Of Puppies Having Underwater Swimming Lessons

Photographer Seth Casteel has taught over 1,500 pups to doggy paddle.

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To raise awareness about the thousands of pets drowned in backyard swimming pools in the United States each year, Seth Casteel published Underwater Puppies, the sequel to Underwater Dogs. It features 72 swimming puppies aged from six weeks to six months.

Casteel has worked with hundreds of adoptable puppies from animal rescue groups all over the US to remind people that adoption is a wonderful option.

I taught swimming lessons to over 1,500 puppies, helping them build confidence and safety skills in the water.
[When taking these pictures] many of the puppies only swam for a few minutes, learning about buoyancy, their physicality in the water and most importantly, how to get out of a pool. But some of the puppies immediately thrived and began playing, jumping in and chasing toys.
Each year, thousands of pets drown in backyard swimming pools in the United States because proper safety measures have not been taken by their human companions. These terrible tragedies can be prevented.
If you are a pool owner or your dog has access to a pool, please consider all precautions including limiting access to the pool, alarms, proper pool exits and most importantly, teaching your pet how to get out of the pool in case they choose to go in, or accidentally fall in.