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28 Frenetic Pictures That Capture The Working Life Of Cities Around The World

Nearly 12,000 entrants captured images of "cities at work" for this year's CBRE Urban Photographer of the Year Awards .

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Street photography has been a passion of mine for many years and I knew my 'Mask of Society' image was the perfect shot for the competition's 'cities at work' brief. I'm constantly looking for new and interesting angles of urban life and its constantly changing landscape never fails to challenge me.

Prizes were also awarded to 24 standout images represented each hour of the day:


02:00: "Fun Fair Goes to Bed" by Gabriel Larmour

CBRE Urban Photographer of the Year/ Gabriel Larmour

"The depressing truth that all things come to an end as the fun fair is tucked up in Hampstead Heath" – Gabriel Larmour


09:00: "Old Man on His Net" by Mary Grace Montives

CBRE Urban Photographer of the Year/ Mary Grace Montives

"In the corner of the souk [I] found one old man continuing to fix the net for a possible item to sell." – Mary Grace Montives


14:00: "Intensity" by Derek Robertson

CBRE Urban Photographer of the Year/ Derek Robertson

"Workplaces sometimes create situations of intensity whether just discussion or heated debate. In this case to a musical backdrop." – Derek Robertson


19:00: "An Exhibition" by Manuel Paz-Castanal

CBRE Urban Photographer of the Year/ Manuel Paz-Castanal

"The opening of a photography expo at the Casa do Cabildo exhibition hall in Santiago de Compostela." – Manuel Paz-Castanal


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