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    28 Frenetic Pictures That Capture The Working Life Of Cities Around The World

    Nearly 12,000 entrants captured images of "cities at work" for this year's CBRE Urban Photographer of the Year Awards .

    Overall winner: "Mask of Society" by Marius Vieth

    Street photography has been a passion of mine for many years and I knew my 'Mask of Society' image was the perfect shot for the competition's 'cities at work' brief. I'm constantly looking for new and interesting angles of urban life and its constantly changing landscape never fails to challenge me.

    Asia-Pacific winner: "Net Mending" by Ly Hoang Long

    Europe, Middle East, and Africa winner: "Dancing in the Street" by Carlos da Costa Branco

    13–15 age-group winner: "A Distant Silhouette" by Sarah Scarborough

    Prizes were also awarded to 24 standout images represented each hour of the day:

    00:00: "Last Train" by Chris Jongkind

    01:00: "Late Night Dinner" by Chris Jongkind

    02:00: "Fun Fair Goes to Bed" by Gabriel Larmour

    03:00: "Surgeons in Action" by Marek Stankiewicz

    04:00: "Urban Geometry" by Marius Vieth

    05:00: "Dawn with Donkey" by Somenath Mukhopadhyay

    06:00: "Alley Check" by Ross Magrath

    07:00: "Morning" by Cymbie Yan

    08:00: "Morning Massage" by Arunava Bhowmik

    09:00: "Old Man on His Net" by Mary Grace Montives

    10:00: "Fish Market" by Saumalya Ghosh

    11:00: "Abbey Road" by Ivana Hengl

    12:00: "Sewage Worker" by Sujan Sarkar

    13:00: "Nappers" by Aron Suveg

    14:00: "Intensity" by Derek Robertson

    15:00: "Pickpocket Caught" by Carlos da Costa Branco

    16:00: "Outside the Bakery" by Lluis Salvado

    17:00: "Symmetry" by Antonio Hernondez Santana

    18:00: "Men of Business" by Ross Magrath

    19:00: "An Exhibition" by Manuel Paz-Castanal

    20:00: "Trimming" by Tadashi Onishi

    21:00: "Market Madness" by Nicola Young

    22:00: "Christmas Tram" by Szabolcs Simo

    23:00: "Late Shift" by Imantas Selenis