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England's Oldest Trees Are Battling It Out To Be Crowned The "Finest Tree" In Europe

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The Major Oak, Sherwood Forest, Nottinghamshire

The Woodland Trust

Located in Sherwood Forest, the Major Oak is allegedly where Robin Hood and his Merry Men would shelter and sleep. It is about 800–1,000 years old and weighs about 23 tons.

This tree is amazing! It's called the Allerton Oak and it lives in Calderstones Park in Liverpool and has done for the past 1,000 years. It was used as a court during the middle ages and I think it's just the best tree ever.
Isobel Cameron/ The Woodland Trust

The Big Belly Oak is an old pollard in Savernake Forest that could date back to Saxon times. The trunk's circumference is 10.8 metres, making it the largest oak in the forest.

Shugborough Yew, Staffordshire

The Woodland Trust

The circumference of the Shugborough Yew measures an incredible 200 yards. It's thought to be the widest tree in Britain and Ireland, covering an area the size of the Royal Albert Hall and steadily spreading.