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    A Volcano Has Erupted In Indonesia For The Third Time In A Year, And The Pictures Are Frightening

    Mount Sinabung erupted on Sunday, throwing giant ash clouds into the sky.

    The Indonesian volcano Mount Sinabung erupted again on Sunday, blowing giant ash clouds into the sky and forcing thousands of locals to flee for the third time this year.

    Residents again left their homes to escape as scorching lava rolled down from the crater, threatening the local villages.

    To date, at least 89 avalanches of hazardous materials have come out the mouth of Mount Sinabung.

    This year's eruptions have forced more than 31,000 people to leave their villages, leaving hundreds of residents in evacuation centers outside of the danger zone.

    Authorities have kept the danger zone around Mount Sinabung off limits since a deadly eruption in early February killed 16 people.