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    Wife Shames Husband Who's Had "A Few Too Many"

    She stays with him in good times and in very irritating times.

    YouTube user Taylor Casanova perfectly showed that some wives are more like babysitters when she taped her apparently drunken husband dangerously wobbling along a two-story ledge in their home.

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    She filmed her husband, Jason, with the intent of showing his mother what she raised. "Hi Mom," he yells.

    And his mother apparently raised a man who would risk his life and aggravate his wife.

    And he really could have hurt himself!

    He even stops to serenade her on the trumpet.

    "When my husband has a few too many, he becomes a magical suburban gymnast," she wrote.

    Bless this woman for being so patient with her husband.

    And when he emerged unharmed, he carried with him an inspiring message: "It doesn't matter what the height is, I can climb it."

    BuzzFeed reached out to Taylor Casanova for a comment.

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