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    This heartwarming post about BuzzTeam posts made us cry. And then it made us think. And then it made us feel a very specific emotion related to British rowers that we didn't even know existed.

    Here are just a very few of the funny, innovative, and thought-provoking BuzzTeam posts from the week. Enjoy!

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    4. Literally the best reaction to any shady-ass situation

    5. Best resource for when you’re a frita emoji in a hamburger emoji world

    Will Varner for Buzzfeed

    8. Best children's book about the saddest Vice President of them all.

    Jarry Lee / BuzzFeed / Simon & Schuster

    11. Best and most timely real talk about the whole oatmeal raisin cookie situation.

    Getty Images/iStockphoto sarahdoow

    13. Best worst thing that is bad and wrong and just WRONG, but somehow maybe right?

    Pizza Hut introduces Doritos Crust Pizza.

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