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39 Things You'll Only Understand If You're From Western Sydney

Westside represent.

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1. You've done the eshays and Westside poses during photos.

And encouraged your teachers to channel their inner lad/lass during class group photos.

2. And you've frequently visited El Jannah, where their garlic sauce is LITERALLY THE BEST THING EVER.

3. Otherwise, you were dining at Rashay's.

4. While every other suburb has a Westfield...

Flickr: betta_design / Creative Commons

5.'ve got West-bloody-Point.

Sardaka / Via

6. And you no longer control the action at Jamberoo...

Flickr: 28853622@N02 / Creative Commons

7. ...because you've got Wet 'N' Wild.

8. Speaking of theme parks, Wonderland was your freakin' childhood.

9. You've shared this inspiring vid on Facey.

Regardless of whether you went to Western Sydney University (WSU) or not.

10. Bruh, admit it: You've spent hours not studying at Max Webber Library.

11. Mt. Druitt not only has Rashay's, it also has the *only* Starbucks located in the West.



12. And The Edge 96.1 was on, if your faves were down for a Starbucks run.

Parkwood Entertainment

You and your faves needed that sweet, sweet dose of current R&B tracks and '90s gems on the way there and back.

13. You know the accuracy on Facey's Western Sydney Starter Packs is so damn real.

14. For a night out in town, the Brewery was the place to be.

For a *really* big night out, it was the Marquee.

For a *really* big night out, it was the Marquee.

15. You haven't visited the drive-ins, despite growing up in the West.

*prays for a significant other who's down for a dinner and a movie, while donning matching pyjamas*

16. As well as Featherdale Wildlife Park.

But we all know only tourists go there. Gotta take that kangaroo and koala selfie, ya know.

17. People look down on you after you tell 'em where you live, especially if you went to uni in the city.


"So, where do you live?"



18. And you'll defend your postcode like no other, since the West is apparently filled with "lads, dole bludgers, [and] drug dealers."

Thanks Urban Dictionary! Appreciate it. Very, very much.

Thanks Urban Dictionary! Appreciate it. Very, very much.

19. On the plus side, you're "more approachable."

20. And you freak out when you meet someone who is from the same suburb, if not area, as you.


Because, honestly, it's such a rare occurrence.

21. Heck, even the Kardashian kweens love visiting the West.

Eva Rinaldi /
Brendon Thorne / Getty Images
News Corp Australia /

For meets and greets, of course. In no particular order: Kim in 2014, Khloe in 2013, and Kendall and Kylie in 2015.

22. You've represented your school in this dance competition.

Though majority of the student body didn't believe you'd make it that far, let alone win the competition.

23. Talking about school, your high school self flooded your friends' news feeds with the "GO THE BULLDOGS!!!" and "GO THE WANDERERS!!!" statuses.

Plus, you even yelled the same thing to your teachers. "But what about the Parramatta Eels and the Penrith Panthers," you ask? Well, you weren't loud 'n' proud as those supporters have — sorry.

24. The majority of your year group worked at the local Macca's.

You wanted to get a discount from your fave, but at the same time, you were already done seeing them from 9 to 3 p.m.

You wanted to get a discount from your fave, but at the same time, you were already done seeing them from 9 to 3 p.m.

25. And you'll happily cut class to visit the Royal Easter Show for the third freakin' time.

26. Choosing a subject at TAFE instead of another subject at school meant having more free periods than your peers.

Even better if you did TAFE and Saturday School of Languages.

Even better if you did TAFE and Saturday School of Languages.

27. You wanted to attend uni in the city, because you're more than capable of going to WSU.

Flickr: sidneiensis / Creative Commons

28. At the same time, you worried that your ATAR might not be enough to attend said uni in the city, because of the ~Western Sydney factor~.

29. You eventually proved that you're just as good as the students who attend the top-performing schools in the North Shore and Eastern Suburbs.

30. Suburban express trains are your friend, since the commute to the city generally takes F-O-R-E-V-E-R.

Blacktown, Parramatta, miss a few, Redfern, Central.

Blacktown, Parramatta, miss a few, Redfern, Central.

31. The twist? You won't be hopping on this beauty.

32. But this tin-can one instead. Ugh!

EurovisionNim /

33. And when you get on, all seats are taken. Looks like you'll be standing throughout the entire journey. Double ugh!

Warner Bros. / Via Twitter: @_taffles

34. If you're home-bound, however, you'll happily skip the all-stops train to either Blacktown or Richmond for the next train service.

35. And once the train stops at your suburb, your mood immediately drops.

Train driver cheerfully announces, "Next stop: Blacktown."You: "Ugh, great!"

Train driver cheerfully announces, "Next stop: Blacktown."

You: "Ugh, great!"

36. Because you ache to join the grown-ups and live in the city.

37. And when you do, you'll wear that Westside badge with pride.

38. Though you'll always be drawn back to Western Sydney...

39. Because there's no place like home.

I mean, no suburb outside the West can top El Jannah's garlic sauce and snack packs in general, amiright? Argument. Over.

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