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32 Times Tumblr Truly Nailed Your Star Sign In 2015

The only place that knows how long you can hold a grudge and your chances of winning an Oscar.

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1. When it perfectly summed up what goes on in your brain every day.

2. On what you do when you're tired AF.

3. When it was on point about which star sign you can't stand.

4. If you were an obscure stock photo character.

5. On your approach to studying.

6. When it was correct about what kind of bitch you are.

7. When it accurately described what kind of bird with arms you'd be.

8. If you were a quote by the shade master Mariah Carey.

9. About how long you can hold a grudge.

10. When it was painfully correct about the way you cry.

11. If you were a "Perfect" lyric by One Direction.

12. If you were an unflattering (but hilarious!) pic of Parks and Rec character Ben Wyatt.

13. And if you were a Jean-Ralphio quote.

14. On what you mean when you say "maybe."

15. On what kind of clingy you are.

16. On what your name would be if you were a white mom.

17. On how you deal with situations that go off-script.

18. On if you are more Taylor Swift or Kim K.

19. On how you eat at a buffet.

20. On if your phone is fully charged or not.

21. On which male celebrity you'd be in a relationship with.

22. And female celebs, too.

23. On the first thought you have once you wake up.

24. On what is most hypocritical about you.

25. If you were an alien.

26. If you were one of BadGalRiri's iconic tweets.

27. On how you act when you're bored at school.

28. On when you do pay attention to things.

29. On your role in the squad.

30. On what type of chill you are.

31. When it knew if you were more sly or IDGAF.


32. And finally, when it knew your chances of winning an Oscar.

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