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    21 Pains For Anyone Who Lives In The Suburbs But Goes To School In The City

    The everyday trek to uni is a bitch and a half, for one.

    1. Let’s get the obvious out of the way: Your commute to uni is a bitch and a half.

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    2. When you tell your friends how long the said commute is, they’ll most likely casually say, “That sucks.”


    3. It is a universally acknowledged truth that 9 a.m. starts are the worst – and even more horrible if you’re from the ‘burbs.

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    4. How? Because you know TFW you rush for the 7 a.m. bus and train so you could be there in time for your 9 a.m. lecture.

    5. Having afternoon starts, on the other hand, allow you to sleep in. The problem? It's still annoying trekking to uni later in the day.

    ABC / TBS

    6. On that note, you can’t stand peeps who whine about having a 9 a.m. start and live near uni, let alone on campus.

    Walt Disney / Via

    7. In saying that, though, you low-key envy them.

    8. And you even thought of living on campus, too. The downside? Having to pay rent with money you don’t have.

    9. It would be easier to go to your local university; however, the thought of seeing familiar faces again? Yeah, nah.


    10. You know what’s also the worst? The first tutes where you have to introduce yourself – and chances are, everyone is a WORLD away from your postcode.


    11. The rest meanwhile look down on you once you reveal where you’re from. Ugh, rude!


    12. And if you’re asked which high school you went to, they’ll say they never heard of it. Like, hello, why did you even ask?!


    13. You also feel like they’ll question why you got a spot at one of the ~ finest ~ unis. I mean, god, what is this?! High school?!


    14. Because even though it has its flaws, you’ll defend your postcode like it’s your kingdom – and you’re proud of it.


    15. And at least you’re goddamn approachable, hey?

    Warner Bros. Pictures

    16. Clubs and societies? Yeah, ain’t nobody got time for that!


    17. You try to nap without entering deep sleep mode during the commute home – and, more importantly, without missing your stop.

    18. And the first thing you do when you get home is roll up like a burrito in bed.


    19. On the plus side, you get that buzz of excitement when you meet someone who’s from the same suburb or area as you.


    20. You get to bring a whole new perspective on issues which may have arisen in your area during tutes.

    Paramount Pictures

    21. Because if you survived the ‘burbs, you can survive anything.


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