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    17 WikiHow Illustrations That Are Painfully Relatable

    They're truly works of art.

    1. When you thank users for subtweeting you, because without you, they'd have nothing to talk about.

    2. When you hug your S.O. after he gives you a gift, but is also expecting one in return.

    3. When you want to put yourself out there.

    4. When you tell yourself for the TENTH FREAKING TIME to not spend money again, and fail.

    5. When your friend drops a major truth bomb, and you're like, *Bieber voice* "What do you mean?"

    6. When you successfully overcome hurdle after hurdle after hurdle, because, y’know, that’s life.

    7. When you learn that the key to wooing a mate is to make intense eye contact.

    8. TFW you see your ex when you're just trying to have a good day.

    9. And when a couple expresses love and affection in public. Like, can you NOT?!

    10. Not only do these illustrations capture the human experience, they also provide some invaluable life lessons — including how to spell "because," because why not.

    11. It taught us the *true* importance of having breakfast to kick start the day.

    12. It taught us that the key to a good night’s rest is listening to Will Smith in your sleep. I mean, who knew?!

    13. It taught us to WORK the beret and BE the beret.

    14. More importantly, it taught us that not only can you eat a taco, you can also rub it sensually on your chin. Again, who knew?!

    15. Overall, wikiHow illustrations are truly works of art.

    16. They honestly deserve an exhibition of their own at the MoMA.

    17. Keep it up, illustrators. Keep. It. Up.