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What professional crossfit women eat

Ever wonder what the strongest, fittest, and toughest women eat? Look no further...

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Nutrition is an essential part of fitness. Let's take a look at what professional CrossFit women such as Miranda Oldroyd eat.

1. Simple blueberry muffins:

One of the top foods on Miranda Oldroyd's blog is simple blueberry muffins. She loves these delicate muffins because of their simplicity and ease of preparation. They are perfect snacks before a workout to add the energy necessary to set personal bests. Depending on the size of your pan, you can create them in miniature sizes to pack for the gym. Blueberries are natural antioxidants that supplement other aspects of your diet. She often replaces blueberries with other pieces of sliced fruit.

2. Prosciutto pizza:

Miranda Oldroyd's loves the exceptionally light crust of this pizza. By combining tapioca flour, coconut milk, and dairy free pesto, you can create a lightweight base that won't hold you down during your workout. You can also add nearly any vegetable to turn this pizza into a vegan meal. For Mirand Oldroyd CrossFit sessions, she likes to avoid cheese in order to keep the pizza accessible for all eaters. Prosciutto pizza is an amazing alternative to the format of traditional pizzas and personal pies. If you want to distribute it into separate containers, make thin slices across the center of the pizza. Portioning meals is an advanced technique practiced by many professional CrossFit athletes.

3. Streetcar fish tacos:

Miranda Oldroyd blog emphasizes the deliciousness of these unique tacos. While most tacos rely on a hard or soft shell to provide a basis for the item, these fish tacos use rollable tortillas instead. This allows you to add avocado cream, fish, and slaw at will. This food is best consumed as a complete meal after a workout. Contrary to popular belief, fish is a terrific way to regenerate energy after exercise; recovery is not limited to traditional meats. Because Miranda Oldroyd's CrossFit session revolve around consistent recovery and results, these fish tacos are excellent ways to transition between workouts. You will feel refreshed and ready to test your limits.

4. Dirty chai fluffy pancakes:

Pancakes don't have to be only breakfast items. Miranda Oldroyd's CrossFit programs use dirty chai fluffy pancakes as sources of carbohydrates before workouts. She uses a special pancake batter that includes vitamins and other nutrients. As healthy as they are, these pancakes are infused with dirty chai that makes them appealing to both young and old athletes. If you prepare the mixture the night before, all you have to do is turn your kitchen appliances on and pour the mix into a pan or bowl. Dirty chai is an rising trend among athletes who want to compete with others in terms of diets.

5. Mexican meatloaf:

Miranda Oldroyd / Via

This recipe was specifically designed by Miranda Oldroyd. She combined elements of traditional meatloaf, Mexican influences, and spices that are guaranteed to make your mouth water. If you follow these instructions, you will have enough food for an entire group of athletes or multiple meals. Because it is difficult to exercise on the go, preparing this meatloaf is a terrific way to anticipate a diet. Of all the items on Miranda Oldroyd's blog, she recommends this one for athletes getting started with CrossFit. Meatloaf is highly nutritious if cooked properly, making it a familiar item for all individuals.

For Miranda Oldroyd CrossFit, workouts are only half of the battle. They follow a diet that includes the above foods for maximal nutrition. If you implement these recipes into your own program, you can reach new heights from eating alone!

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