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The Good Holiday: Luxury Locations For Your Time Off

When someone has a holiday coming up the big question on their mind is where to go. Visiting family is one option. It's always nice to see the relatives, but it's been done before and sometimes people just want to spoil themselves a little. Fortunately, there are many places around the world where one can go and experience luxuries they are not going to find at their in-laws.

ryan101blair23 2 years ago

The Most User-friendly Auto Apps

Your car is an extension of your body, but so is your smartphone or tablet. There are a ton of apps available that make your driving experience better than ever. Whether you're trying to find the fastest route, locate the nearest gas station or need a repair, there's an app for it that can help save the day.

ryan101blair23 3 years ago

5 Leading Causes Of Car Accidents

Nowadays, our roads are built to be safe and also we drive safer cars. However, the numbers of car accidents are still on the rise resulting in injuries and deaths tolling nearly up to 35000 in the United States.

ryan101blair23 3 years ago

What All Insurance Companies Are Afraid Of

No more simply a thing of science fiction, fleets of driverless cars are actually hitting the roadways of the world. One group of people that are less than excited for this future are insurance companies.

ryan101blair23 3 years ago

Determining if Paleo is Right for You

You've heard of it before. You've seen it's results. You've got a basic understanding of its over all benefit. Let's dig deeper to find out if Paleo is the right choice for you.

ryan101blair23 3 years ago

8 Mistakes That 20 Somethings Make

While people in their 20s are often busy earning a college degree or attending some type of technical school, they do not learn an important skill that just comes with experience.

ryan101blair23 3 years ago

5 Things to keep in mind when creating a DIY project

Completing do-it-yourself home improvement projects is simply a part of home ownership for most people. Many homeowners take great pleasure is planning a project, putting their heart and soul into it and creating amazing results in their home through their efforts.

ryan101blair23 3 years ago

The Best Anti Minivans That Moms Will Enjoy Driving

You're in a quandary. Your family is growing at the same time your vehicles are getting older. Stuck between that rock and hard place is the lack of funds required to get a vehicle which can comfortably fit your family and last until at least college. Here's some cars that have proved worthy.

ryan101blair23 3 years ago

Top 3 Natural Skin Health Remedies

A person's skin can tell you a lot about them-- from their age, to their health, to whether they smoke or sunbathe-- so it should be no surprise that keeping skin healthy and supple is a high priority for many people. Unfortunately, commercial skin care products often contain irritating chemicals, unnecessary colors or fragrances, or even ingredients that can worsen skin problems down the line. The good news is, skin remedies may be as near as your grocery store.

ryan101blair23 3 years ago

3 Unique Ways To Protect Your Car For The Winter

Cars these days are constructed to be far more reliable and comfortable than ever before, but that in no way makes these machines indestructible. That bitter cold air, often exceedingly dry, will wreak havoc on your automobile unless properly prepared to face the season head-on.

ryan101blair23 3 years ago

Top Three Spring Foods for Weight Loss

Any man or woman that wants to lose weight but finds it harder than they ever imagined should stop what they are doing and reconsider their weight loss method.

ryan101blair23 3 years ago