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    20 Man Buns That Will Ruin You For Short-Haired Guys

    Man buns are taking over the world. You love them, I love them, we all love them. Enjoy these beautiful men with beautiful (man) buns.

    1. This nonchalant coffee drinker

    2. This majestic man bun by a lake

    3. The man bun that is cooler than my entire existence

    4. This guy with a man bun and a perfect jawline

    5. This slightly curly man bun

    6. This guy that kinda looks like Brad Pitt

    7. This guy with a single tear running down his perfect face

    8. This shirtless god

    9. This guy who has a man bun and plays the guitar

    10. This awesome half-shaved man bun

    11. This guy with dreamy eyes and a dreamy man bun

    12. This guy rocking the mun and the cardy

    13. This guy who I'm sure is on his way to a fancy dinner party

    14. The blurry man bun

    15. This bearded perfection

    16. This newly married man bun

    17. This guy rocking the Ariana Grande of man buns

    18. This perfect human being


    20. And Mr. Jared "Man Bun" Leto