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    18 Signs That You Grew Up In The Western Isles

    The best place in the world to spend your childhood.

    1. You still think of the Scalpay Bridge as new, even though it’s been open for nearly twenty years.

    Flickr user sumdoood / Via Flickr: sumdoood

    And you remember how excited you were when Tony Blair came to open it.

    2. You don’t think there’s anything odd about not being able to buy your Sunday papers until Monday.

    Flickr user trickkid / Via Flickr: trickkid

    3. The highlight of your year as a kid was a trip to see Donnie Dòtaman at the town hall.

    Word Power Books / Via

    Especially when he had a new album out and he'd sign the cassette inlay for you.

    4. The only time you got to go to the cinema was when the Screen Machine came to town

    The Screen Machine / Via Facebook: thescreenmachine

    Watching movies in a fold out lorry sometimes got interesting when it was blowing a hoolie.

    5. No matter how many awards it wins, you’ll still refer to Hotel Hebrides as the Motel.

    Hotel Hebrides / Via

    6. The best bit of election night is when London based reporters have to pronounce the name of your constituency.

    Wikipedia / Via


    7. Instead of waiting for the chimes of Big Ben on the telly at Hogmanay you stood outside to hear the ferry blow its horn.

    Come Home With Calmac / Via

    Except if Hogmanay was on a Sunday, because God.

    8. If you went to the beach and there was already someone on it, you'd keep going to find a quieter one.

    Ruth Dawkins

    To be honest though, that never happened.

    9. When the shipping forecast came on the radio you had to be quiet and listen.

    BBC Weather / Via

    Twenty years later you can still recite all the areas in the correct order.

    10. You often came home to a bucket of mussels, scallops or lobster sitting on the front doorstep.

    Ruth Dawkins

    If there was a pair of wellies and yellow oilskins sitting beside the bucket it meant your fisherman pal had let himself in and made a cup of tea too.

    11. When it snowed you used an old fish box as a sledge.

    Ruth Dawkins

    And if it didn’t snow… well that’s what sand dunes are for.

    12. You’ve played or watched a game of tennis at Bunavoneadar, on the most remote court in the UK.

    Geograph / Via

    You're pretty sure it's the most windswept court too.

    13. You know to stand back and clamp your hands over your ears when you flush the toilet on the ferry so that you don’t end up looking like this:

    Ruth Dawkins

    14. You know what fanks, guga and cailleachan are.

    Flickr user cjc / Via Flickr: cjc

    You can also pronounce machair without sounding like you’re coughing up a lung.

    15. You always thought growing up that the Katie Morag books were based on your island.

    Random House / Via

    16. You own at least one item made of Harris Tweed.

    Harris Tweed Shop / Via

    And you're secretly quite proud of it.

    17. When you went to Stornoway on a Saturday you’d get a massive bag of chips from Cameron’s...

    Ruth Dawkins

    ...and then chuck half of them to the seagulls in the harbour.

    18. You think it’s totally normal to go for an evening walk and see a meteor shower or the northern lights.

    Flickr user by-mark / Via Flickr: by-mark

    It's only when you grow up and leave the Western Isles that you discover that's not the case, and you realise just how lucky you are.