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    Walking Through Kerr Hall: A Science, An Art, Or Pure Madness?

    "North?" "West?" "Where am I?" - We've all been there. Laugh and cry through the struggle as told through GIFs.

    It all begins when you see KHE, KHW, KHN, or KHS on your course schedule...

    Of course, at first, you think you've got Kerr Hall all figured out.


    "I got this."

    But beware, you're caught in a wishful dream...


    "Kerr Hall South, okay, my class must be around the corner!!"

    After circling through the hallways with only minutes to spare before class, you somehow come back to where you started and still haven't found your class...


    "I'll brave the outside next time rather than explore this maze!"

    Remember, if at first you don't succeed - re-orient yourself by going outside!


    "Oh, wait, this is KHS, not KHE..."

    Later, possibly confused and certainly frustrated, you finally find the classroom you are looking for, perhaps only a little late.

    Don't give up! At some point when you have studied your way through Kerr Hall, you'll know how to get around the entire building with your eyes closed (until next year after a summer of forgetting everything about Kerr Hall).

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