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    The Top 24 Twitter Accounts For Ryerson Students

    Because it's about time someone other than Rob Delaney showed up in your Twitter feed. by Scott Walsh, Storyteller for RU Student Life.

    1. @sweden

    Via Twitter: @sweden

    Sweden (yes, the country) gives their twitter account to a random citizen every week. This has resulted in the most eccentric tweets from any constitutional monarchy. Step up your game, Canada!

    2. @aliciaatout

    Via Twitter: @aliciaatout

    A Music Blog, Yea? is perfect for finding music that will make you feel cooler than your friends (The Vaselines were Kurt Cobain's favourite songwriters). Coupled with their frequent contests and Toronto focus, you'll be the coolest cat this side of Ossington.

    3. @pattonoswalt

    Via Twitter: @pattonoswalt

    Controversial opinion, I know: Follow the funniest man on the internet. But you don't realize HOW funny until he makes you snort cola out of your nose.

    4. @HilaryDuff

    Via Twitter: @HilaryDuff

    I could seriously look at pictures of her doing yoga and talking about kale all day. In addition, she is, objectively, the most beautiful human being to have ever existed.

    5. @SkullMandible

    My personal favourite Tweet is "We get it, poets. Things are like other things."

    6. @GuyInYourMFA

    Via Twitter: @GuyInYourMFA

    If you've ever had a prof who is an asshole and thinks everyone hates him because he is "misunderstood", you'll be SO happy he got a Twitter account!

    7. @LoversDiction

    Via Twitter: @LoversDiction

    David Levithan, the author of Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist, Will Grayson Will Grayson, and other teen novels, tells a love story through dictionary definitions.

    8. @ian8inchlynch

    Via Twitter: @ian8inchlynch

    Toronto-based comedian and MTV star Ian Lynch is always serving up tweets that I describe as "Too Real".

    9. @kevinselection

    Via Twitter: @kevinselection

    The former Broken Social Scene star writes tweets that are at the intersection of "poetic", and "like something the kid that told you what weed was would write".

    10. @wordstigram

    Via Twitter: @wordstigram

    Instagram In Words: the only Twitter account dedicated to passive-aggressively calling people out on their attempts to look cooler via social media.

    11. @HonestToddler

    Via Twitter: @honesttoddler

    Tweeting from the perspective of an overly cynical 2 year old, this account has helped me understand my niece more than actually spending time with her ever could.

    12. @RealTimeWWII

    Via Twitter: @RealTimeWWII

    An ex-history student named Alwyn Collinson began live-tweeting the second World War a couple of years ago, and intends to follow it through to its end. If you're a history buff, you'll love the far more detailed version of this than what we got in history class.

    13. @RUEats

    Via Twitter: @RUEats

    Because I follow this account, I have gotten free breakfast. There is literally no better way to start your day than "free" and "breakfast".

    14. @A_single_bear

    Via Twitter: @a_single_bear

    Following the adventures of a bear in the woods who has read his first book on Nihilism.

    15. @MaraWritesStuff

    Via Twitter: @MaraWritesStuff

    Former child star Mara Wilson turned into one of the relatively few well-adjusted adults. Now she's a New York playwright whose tweets are either hilarious comments on celebrity culture or life in an apartment building.

    16. @LaurDIY

    Via Twitter: @LaurDIY

    LaurDIY is the Ryerson Hannah Montana - student by day, celebrity DIYer and fashion blogger by night. Make sure to check out her YouTube channel (and try not to freak out if you see her on campus!).

    17. @thinkgeek

    Via Twitter: @thinkgeek

    Think Geek: for when you want to trick your friends into thinking you're smart.

    18. @RyersonProblems

    Via Twitter: @RyersonProblems

    Whoever anonymously runs this account is just quietly allowing Ryerson students to weep together. Thank you, stranger, for letting me know I'm not crazy for not being able to navigate our campus. Still.

    19. @DannyZuker

    Via Twitter: @DannyZuker

    Probably best known for creating Modern Family, he is debatably the worst Twitter father in the world (and ergo, the most interesting).


    Via Twitter: @UpperCaseFacts

    It really is exactly what it says on the tin.

    21. @VeryShortStory

    Via Twitter: @VeryShortStory

    Telling stories in 140 characters or less.

    22. @BillMc7

    Via Twitter: @BillMc7

    Just another Twitter account who openly states he prefers attention from strangers to love from his friends. Validate away!

    23. @DennysDiner

    Via Twitter: @DennysDiner

    You know how some companies (Wal-Mart) are fun to follow because it's so clear it's being run by a 50 year old advertising exec who already hates the sound of Twitter? Denny's is the opposite of that.

    24. @RUStudentLife

    Via Twitter: @RUStudentLife

    Well, *I* personally think we're fantastic.

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