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    The Stages Of Pulling An All Nighter: From Midnight To Your Deadline

    With midterms right around the corner, the education fairytale quickly finds its Grimm Brother roots. These are Studentrella’s 12 stages after the clock strikes 12pm. By RU Student Life storyteller Zahra Khozema.

    12:00 am: Calculating every hour, minute, and millisecond until your test or assignment is due.

    "Yeah, phssstt... I can probably get this done tonight for sure, I have soooo much time."

    1:00 am: Hyperventilating because you have only written your name on the document

    ... along with your height, age, passport number, and credit card password to kill as much space you can with the side heading. But you got the 12 point Times New Roman font double spaced, it's progress for sure!

    2:00 am: Rewarding yourself with a fridge raid for getting so far.

    3:00 am: Goin’ ham on the keyboard, just spewing ANYTHING before all hope is lost.

    Red bull: 3

    Coffee: 4

    4:00 am: The smile after you write one page because you have finally crossed over that hump.

    There is hope.

    5:00 am: Setting your alarm every 30 minutes on your phone to make sure you're still up.

    Nonetheless, you WILL HAVE to take a small and uncomfortable nap either way.

    6:00 am: Staring at the wall...

    ... Feeling the little tabs on 'F' and 'J' on your keyboard excessively, delusional daydreaming in that place between being awake and unconscious... It's all a part of the 6am phase.

    7:00am: Starting a 'Works Cited' list even though you've only gotten less than half way.

    While you're at it, you choose paragraphs of quotes to fill up all the space.

    8:00 am: The sun has already come up and your self esteem has hit the ground.

    There is also crying and rolling on the ground.

    9:00 am: Checking all the social medias and messaging everyone in the class to compare progress.

    Of course Franky first row has finished last Friday. Worry not, there are many procrastinators like you who have yet to even start and you instantly feel better.

    10:00 am: Also known as the power hour.

    You fingers are on fire bringing you towords your last minute brilliant ideas. They just couldn't come sooner -.-

    11:00 am: Must go on....

    You enter the "Take this away from me I don't care about the mark" phase.

    11:58:42 am: You click submit on Blackboard.

    The weight of the assignment being lifted off your shoulders is so epic that you cannot hear the memories of your high school teachers urging, pleading with you, telling you that you cannot finish an academic paper the night before.

    11:58:43 am: ZzzzZZZZzzzZZzzZ

    You deserve it champ. See you next time when we procrastinate, which will be soon... finals aren't too far.

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