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    The 15 Ryerson Instagram Accounts You Need To Follow

    Ryerson is one of the most creative universities in the country (heck, in the world!). So, it's only natural that we'd have some incredible Instagrammers among us. We've listed (just) 15 fellow Rye Instagrammers worthy of double taps. Compiled by Julianna Garofalo, Social Media Community Manager at RU Student Life

    1. @nim_ra

    Via Instagram: @nim_ra

    Everything from food to cats.

    2. @hubriss_

    Via Instagram: @hubriss_

    The best of the 416.

    3. @renabm

    Via Instagram: @renabm

    Picture-perfection from an aspiring photographer.

    4. @augustineng

    Via Instagram: @augustineng

    Epic edits and bursts of colour from all around T.O.

    5. @iamcolinclark

    Via Instagram: @iamcolinclark

    Snaps that make you think, from a photographer "in search of that vibe."

    6. @ericmarkdo

    Via Instagram: @ericmarkdo

    Travel, exploration and roof-topping = risky business.

    7. @os.d

    http://os.d on Instagram

    Black and white beauty.

    8. @arhamkidwai_

    Via Instagram: @arhamkidwai_

    Hidden gems in Toronto.

    9. @lindsaymariko

    Via Instagram: @lindsaymariko

    Sleek and chic shots from a Fashion Communications major.

    10. @chris_blanchette

    Via Instagram: @chris_blanchette

    Sharp and clean shots of the city life.

    11. @mikaylakuehn

    Via Instagram: @mikaylakuehn

    Adorable fashion accessories photographed by a style & beauty blogger.

    12. @theandouz

    Via Instagram: @theandouz

    A glimpse into the life of a Torontonian.

    13. @florondeau

    Via Instagram: @florondeau

    Dreamy shots and unreal effects.

    14. @shotbyemmy

    Via Instagram: @shotbyemmy

    A little bit of everything shot by Emmy.

    15. @sammytangir

    Via Instagram: @sammytangir

    Fall favourites and landscapes.


    Via Instagram: @rustudentlife

    Bonus: (shameful plug) Follow us for everything Ryerson related, from sights we see strolling down Gould, give away surprises, community posts and features like #RUDaysofFall, and everything in between.

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