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    Six Quirkiest Clubs To Join At Ryerson!

    Here at Ryerson, where traditional is the last word in our vocabularies, we take pride in the quirky, and unconventional manner in which we go about our day-to-day. With this in mind, it shouldn't have come as a surprise to me when I noticed all the awesomely quirky and unconventional clubs and associations Ryerson has to offer. For those of you who were too embarrassed to embrace your weird hobby in High School, now's your time to shine, you're no longer alone! Here are the top 6 quirkiest clubs at Ryerson!

    Written by Ellen Smith, storyteller for RU Student Life

    1. RU-anime

    This unique club caters to the like minded students here at Ryerson who love anime, manga, cosplay, or any of the Asian animation fandom sub-genres. This inviting group hosts activities and events ranging from how to draw, to sushi making! Check them out on Facebook.

    2. Magicians Association at Ryerson

    There's not much information to convey to the general public about this elite squad known as the Magicians Association but don't pull your hare out (of your hat) just yet. Think you have the magic in you? See if it's in your cards by emailing for any inquires.

    3. Responsible pet owners at RU

    As Ryersonians, we're either "awe-ing" over adorable French Bull Dogs walking down College Street, or in awe by pets like the cat in the knitted sweater who sits on a mans shoulders at Yonge and Dundas. At the responsible pet owners association, it doesn't matter what kind of pets you love, as long as you love them! Join their Facebook for event information, and updates!

    4. Barrel of Monkeys Improv Team*5K5ioli9x3LCsxdt8JgiGYgUSFRhMCIWv1Vw2Bs9pzTMnV/larsbarrelofmonkeys.jpg

    Learning at Ryerson is as fun as a barrel of monkeys! Blow off some steam, develop your improvisational skills, or make some new friends by joining this quirky club on Monday nights from 6:30 p.m to 8:30 p.m in the Student Campus Centre’s Shadd Room. Feel free to join their Facebook page for information, as they're always looking for new members to share a laugh with!

    5. Ryerson Quidditch

    Most Harry Potter fans have a Sirius obsession with Quidditch, and there's nothing Ron with that. The once fictional sport has become a reality here at Ryerson! This group of students are sweeping across campus with a dedication and thirst for fun that's nothing but spellbinding. Check out their Facebook page for postings, tryouts, and game updates.

    6. Ryerson Thrill Club

    What's more thrilling than defying the laws of gravity by travelling up to 100 miles per hour, and plummeting to what feels like certain death while surrounded by dozens of screaming strangers? Probably nothing. The Ryerson Thrill club is a group of students with a passion for amusement park engineering and design! Yep, these are the guys that are responsible for either an awesome time, or a near heart attack. Check out their website.

    Are you part of a quirky club at Ryerson or looking to get involved? Check out the RSU's list of student groups and Passport for organizations you can join!

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