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Classes In The AMC Theatre: The Good And The Bad

We all know the pains and pleasures of having classes in the AMC Theatre. We've narrowed it down to just a few pros and cons. Written by Jessica Lam on behalf of RU Student Life. Cover photo by @Zoeyve

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Pro: classes in a MOVIE THEATRE?!

Who else besides a Ryerson student can tell you they have theatre rooms as classrooms? #OnlyAtRyerson

Con: lineups at Tim Hortons/Starbucks

Gotta grab that morning coffee, yeah? Better arrive early, or you'll be spending some time in a line full of impatient and zombie-like people.

Pro: the food court

Patiently – or, impatiently – waiting for the professor to announce break time so you can grab a quick bite to eat in the food court downstairs. Except for those of us who are unlucky enough to have long hours of class with no breaks in-between :(

Con: forgetting to take your student card out

After devouring a delicious sub-of-the-day, you stuff your wallet into the bottom of your backpack, and head up the escalator... Only then remembering that you need your student card to enter DSQ classrooms.

Pro: actually being able to see the screen

Have you ever been had the misfortune of attempting to take notes from behind someone's head? You never have to worry about this in the AMC Theatre. Phew.

Con: the irritating smell of popcorn

I adore the smell of popcorn when it's smothered in butter and I'm enjoying a nice movie. Not when I'm trying to focus in a three-hour lecture.

Pro: the removable desktops

You may or may not have attempted it before, but writing notes in the air is not fun. Neither is writing on a sheet of paper with no hard surface underneath (me on the GO Train). Thank goodness for removable desktops.

Con: the removable desktops

As useful as they are, they are annoying, especially when you need to get up for bathroom breaks. Or when people constantly get out of their seat and have to squish their way past you. Being confined to your seat? It's like being a baby in a high chair.

Pro: how comfy the seats are

Seats that aren't plastic, armrests, and cup holders... What more could you ask for?

Con: how easy it is to fall asleep in the comfy seats

Seat is so plushy... Theatre is so dark... Eyes are so heavy...

Any other pros or cons of AMC Theatre classes? Let us know @RUStudentLife!