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    5 YouTubers At Ryerson You NEED To Know

    Who knew Ryerson was FULL of budding YouTubers and content creators? Below (in random order) are just few of many talented YouTubers who go to Ryerson. By Duhin Nanda, Freelance Blogger at RU Student Life

    1. Colossus Fitness

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    Colossus Fitness is focused on fitness, more specifically bodybuilding, powerlifting and aesthetics. The goal of this channel is to build better, more talented, and informed athletes in every aspect of their fitness and health. The channel is owned by Josh Wilkinson who studies Criminology at Ryerson, with various other contributors since it is a community channel.

    While watching these videos made me a bit jealous, it was also very motivating to see students be so dedicated to working out. It made me put my bag of chips down and get myself up from my couch, which says a lot.

    While Colossus Fitness focusses only on workouts targeted towards guys, I'm sure the ladies can gain some motivation from it (or just treat their eyes).

    2. The Red Couch

    The Red Couch is an online talk show geared towards students within the GTA. The Red Couch aims at creating community via entertainment, and has over 31 people involved in the channel!

    Hosted by Sammy Ijaz, 4th year Business student, the show is not afraid to confront some controversial topics and get people to speak their mind. I was very entertained, and extremely impressed by the quality of their productions. Keep it up! (All 31 of you).

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    3. Mikael M Melo

    Mikael, 1st year RTA School of Media, describes himself as an aspiring actor, film geek and avid reader. His YouTube videos are very upbeat, refreshing and uplifting, or in his words "stupidly funny, random, creative, sassy, and unique."

    He makes his videos for fun, but what sets him apart is the high production value of all his videos. The hard work and artistic knowledge that goes into every video is impressive.

    PS Mikael was also one of our Road to Ryerson bloggers, in our first ever series of blogs and videos that followed five incoming students and their stories to get to Ryerson. Check out his and the other Road students' blogs, here!

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    4. JC Vaughan

    His channel is a personal dance channel where he showcases his choreography, recent short films and random videography. In addition to his MAD dance skills, the videos are really well made and of great quality. Congrats on all the talent JC!

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    5. T3CHCR4ZEE

    TechCrazy is a channel that focusses on video games. James Koutrakos, 1st year Business Technology Management student at RU runs the channel and this is how he describes it:

    "My channel is a channel focused around video game and tech related content. I like posting whatever I find fun to create and interesting to post. My current ongoing series is my Custom Stages in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U but I do plan on expanding the variety of videos I upload in the future."

    I'm not even a gamer and yet I found these videos very entertaining and visually appealing.

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    6. BONUS: LaurDIY

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    In case you didn't already know, we've got our very own Hannah Montana in LaurDIY, Ryerson student by day, Youtube celebrity DIY and fashion blogger by night. LaurDIY has over a million subscribers on her Youtube channel and it's totally okay to fangirl if you see her on campus.

    Thanks to all the YouTubers who showed interest in this feature, and everyone who helped me scout YouTubers from different programs. There are a ton of YouTubers we couldn't feature to keep the article concise and showcase the different types of channels, but Lorie Leung, Professional Communication student at Ryerson has started a Facebook group for YouTubers at Ryerson to share their content and collaborate! Make sure to check it out here.

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