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    11 Alcohol Life Hacks

    That bottle of alcohol you have left over from the party last week? For #14DaysDry, use it for something other than turning up, with these awesome alcohol life hacks! #14DaysDry challenges you to think about alcohol and substance addiction. By Janine Maral Tascioglu, Storyteller for RU Student Life.

    1. Bandaid pain no more

    Press alcohol onto your bandaid and peel it off painlessly!

    2. Squeaky clean!

    Use a little bit of vodka to clean your mirrors, glass tables, or even your porcelain. Click here for more info!

    3. Mix vodka with your shampoo?!

    It's true. Just add a shot of vodka to your shampoo bottle and continue using it just how you would. The results? Healthier and shinier hair. If you're looking for various recipes, check out this link!

    4. Remove room mold

    George Doyle / Getty Images

    Easily clean off any mold that you spot because that stuff spreads quickly! Just spray the vodka on, let it sit for 15 minutes then gently scrub off.

    5. Create a DIY Toner

    Use cold green tea as well as a bit of vodka with a cotton ball and smooth it out on your skin. The results: Smoother skin and minimal pores. This YouTube video goes in depth about this DIY!

    6. Insect-repellant spray

    Have a fear of insects? Put vodka in a spray bottle and kill those creepy crawlers you find here and there.

    7. ... or homemade odor killers

    Use that same spray bottle to fight any oder in your living space, your shoes or on your clothes. Try not to over-do it though, you don't want to smell like you just left a frat party.

    8. Ease cold sores

    Follow these instructions and dab a little bit of alcohol on a cold sore to not only ease the pain but also help it heal a little faster.

    9. DIY reusable ice pack

    Mix a cup of vodka with ½ cup water and put it in a ziplock type bag for an easy DIY ice pack. For more details, click here!

    10. Soak your razors in some alcohol

    Soaking your razors in alcohol will disinfect your razor and give it a little longer lifespan! Who knew?

    11. Use in place of rubbing alcohol

    Don't have a first aid kit? Use alcohol as a replacement for rubbing alcohol on any burns or cuts you want to help heal.

    Who knew there would be so many other uses for alcohol?! If you try any of these out, tweet us @RUStudentLife with the hashtag #14DaysDry!