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    10 Things You Will Learn In First Year

    The transition between high school and university is a very exciting and nerve wrecking experience. Here are 10 things you will learn in your first year of university. Written by Jessica Lam on behalf of RU Student Life.

    1. Managing Your Own Time

    Remember back in high school, when your teachers would constantly pester you about getting assignments done? You're going to miss that. In university, you're responsible for knowing due dates and deadlines. DO NOT procrastinate – always get started on assignments as soon as possible. It helps to keep an agenda or a note in your phone. I know you want to go to that event at the Ram in the Rye tonight, but you're going to have to finish up that essay that's due tomorrow.

    2. Meeting More People Than You Ever Imagined

    From that dude who sits beside you during exams because you have the same last name to that girl from your psych course you meet while walking to class, you will meet tons and tons and tons of people... And probably talk to a majority of them only once. You will also meet people who share the same interests as you, whether it be gaming, anime, or Game of Thrones. Joining school clubs helps!

    3. Your High School Grades Were Severely Inflated

    You got all 90s and 100s in high school? That's lovely. Unfortunately, that is not the case in university – you can expect to get lower grades. However, you shouldn't get too discouraged – it's not impossible to get high marks. If you make it to every class, do all your readings, and study on a regular basis, you should be fine.

    4. Everyone Is As Smart and Talented As You Are

    Maybe you won the English award at your high school graduation. Maybe you were the most talented art student and all your high school art teachers loved you. Regardless, you are now surrounded by students who are just as smart and talented as you are. Yes, that does mean competition, but it also means meeting and making connections with people who are just as awesome as you!

    5. Study, Study, Study

    You do not want to be cramming 10 chapters, 100 pages of Powerpoint, and 3 weeks worth of notes two days before the exam. It is not fun.

    6. Coffee Is Your Best Friend

    Coffee before class, during class, after class... There is never a time where coffee is not appropriate. It will be your saviour on those mornings you've pulled all nighters studying. Not a coffee person? Tea works just as well.

    7. Credit Cards Are A Blessing... And A Curse

    Credit cards are easy to use and great because you get to spend now and pay later. Remember to never spend money you know you won't have when it's time to pay the bills. Also remember to never spend over your limit, or you will be charged a pricy fee – which could've paid for at least five Starbucks drinks.

    8. The Freshman 15 Is Avoidable

    If you're a commuter, eat at home or bring a lunch. If neither of those things fit into your schedule, try going to healthy places like Panera or Richtree. If you're living on campus, opt for eating healthier foods. Also, take advantage of the RAC and the MAC – gym membership is included in your tuition fee!

    9. Put Yourself Out There

    Be friendly. Be outgoing. Smile. Stop doing that chronic b... you-know-what-I-mean face. Make yourself look approachable, and maybe that cute boy/girl will say hi. Or, you could be the one to say hi. The best way to make friends is to put yourself out there!

    10. Don't Be Afraid To Express Yourself

    You like teasing your hair and wearing fingerless gloves? Go for it. You wanna wear 5-inch booties to school? You go girl. If you're more of a hoodie-and-sweats kind of person, that's okay too. We're lucky to have our campus in the heart of downtown, with tons of stylish/trendy/beautiful people. You're the best version of yourself when you feel comfortable in your own skin.

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