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    Here's What People Don't Tell You About Graduating

    As told by those on their #RoadFromRyerson.

    The 2015/16 school year has come to an end and those graduating this Spring and Fall are about to embark on their #RoadFromRyerson.

    Some are majorly excited to go.

    By this time tomorrow I will be done my undergrad! Hopefully, sipping an extra-large mimosa. #RoadfromRyerson

    Others are rather sad to leave.

    It hasn't sunk in yet that tomorrow is my last class at Ryerson... 😥 #Ramily

    Most, however, are experiencing a combination of emotions.

    Damn last class at Ryerson for good. This year flew by so quickly not gonna lie #bittersweet

    Here's what Rye's soon-to-be alum and others answered via Twitter to RU Student Life's latest #RoadToRyerson question.

    1. That you mentally graduate long before convocation:

    The final exam of my undergrad degree is in two days and I can't concentrate on my notes because I mentally checked out three months ago.

    2. That not knowing what's next feels super weird:

    4 years later and I still have no idea what's going on but BYE RYERSON 🍾🎉

    3. That it brings back teenage memories:

    @RUStudentLife [Pt.1] Some things ppl don't tell you about grad is that it feels like high school all over again where #RoadFromRyerson

    @RUStudentLife [Pt.2] you feel that giddy, uncertain feeling and you're not sure what will happen from here. #RoadFromRyerson @RU_FEAS

    4. That sleeping will be how you celebrate:

    pt. 4. I am done my undergrad. What is next you ask? .... for now, this.

    Why turn up when you can take a nap?!

    5. That it's a very sensitive time:

    Spent my morning ugly crying at the Gilmore Girls Season 6 reunion between Rory & Lorelai, so that's my #RoadfromRyerson.

    6. That you're not alone – your classmates are feeling it too!

    Had my first class at Ryerson with him, and now I've just had my last 💁🏻 #startedfromthebottom ?

    7. That your degree doesn't define your career:

    Your degree doesn’t define your career, says @jasminhusain. #RoadFromRyerson

    Read here.

    8. That saying goodbye may be harder than you think:

    Technically done and graduating but still at Rye everyday for work because I'm not ready to leave this place yet... #RoadFromRyerson

    9. That 10 after actually means you're late:

    Things I Will Miss About Ryerson: • Ryerson Time • summer in the Housing office • no questions about wearing face paint #RoadFromRyerson

    10. That you have to enter the "real world" now:

    Me when I realize I'm done my undergrad and that "summer vacation" is actually now just unemployment..... 😭😭😭

    11. That everyone takes to a different path:

    @RUStudentLife not getting a job straight away doesn't make you a failure!

    12. That not being a student = being an adult:

    ME 4YRS AGO: what is this Uni nonsense I don't want to do more school ME NOW: what is this graduation nonsense I don't want to be an adult

    13. That you're more than your future full-time job:

    .@dynamyk takes to the The Last Lecture stage. "Your 9-5 doesn't have to be your passion." #roadfromryerson

    14. That the world is yours to explore:

    The open road beckons. #travel #roadfromryerson #adventure

    15. And, of course, that you can't be too hard on yourself:

    Failure is never final - keep taking those little steps forward #RoadFromRyerson

    We want to follow YOUR graduation journey! Share it with us online using #RoadFromRyerson for the chance to win some awesome prizes.