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Top 10 Things Southern Girls Are Tired Of Hearing

Because constantly being compared to fruit and/or pie can make a girl want to never reveal her hometown again.

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9. Girls from the South are Always so Tan!


Ever been to the South? It's a billion degrees in March, and then it gets hot. We're usually outside trying to cool off in a river somewhere so forgive us if we can't keep a porcelain complexion. That being said, we're not all tan!

8. You're smarter than I thought you'd be.


Somewhere along the line being from the South was wrongfully linked with being unintelligent. Everyone's entitled to his or her opinion, but do a favor and keep this one to yourself.

7. I Thought Southern Girls Were Supposed to be Sweet.


If there is one thing that can get our blood boiling it's being told how we're "supposed" to behave. Besides we are pros at delivering not-so-sweet things in a candy-coated package. Don't understand? #Blessyourheart.

1. "Y'all" Is Not a Word.


If you don't agree that "y'all" is a grammatically correct second-person pronoun, quite frankly - we couldn't give a damn - we'll give it up when you come pry it out of our sweet little Southern hearts.

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