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The 10 Best Things About Living In Downtown L.A

Downtown L.A is a real cool place to be and right now is a happenin' time. Here's our list of the Top 10 best things

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#10 - Ricky the Pirate / Via Flickr: rynofoto

If you've wandered Downtown long enough, you've run into Ricky the Pirate or at least heard him yell "Arrrr!" from somewhere down the road. He's a street person that sells headshots of himself for $5. There is something distinctly L.A about that.

(Photo Credit: Ryan Eccles)

#9 - Street Art

In a city that often comes down hard on public art, Downtown has an abundance of large-scale murals. From the bright and eccentric displays in the arts district to the massive Asian lady faces staring down at the world in the historic core.

(Photo Credit: Tony Butler)

#8 - The Sweet Satisfaction of Being Ahead of the Curve

If you live downtown, you've obviously the cool guy among your friends. Hold on tight to that feeling, though, because DTLA is about fifteen or sixteen minutes away from being overexposed and commercialized to the point of total uncoolness. Hell, the guy in the unit next to you said it became that way 5 years ago.

#7 - The Bolt/Buzz Combo

Few establishments give the historic core as much character as the one-two punch of Bolt Barbers and Buzz Beer and Wine. Bolt is populated by surly barbers who don't really care if they cut your hair or not -- but they do a great job if they're in a good mood. Buzz is definitely the best and perhaps the only option for classy beer in the direct area. Plus, they have their beers separated into "Craft/Imports/Piss Beer" just to make your life easier.


As the sunlight begins to dim around 4pm, it begins: The bitching hour. At that time, there are more dogs on the street downtown than humans. If you're a dog lover, you won't make it a block without disintegrating into a pile of cuddles and coo's. Unfortunately, if you're not so caninely inclined, you'll be grumbling your way down the street dodging poo remnants.

#5 - You Can Actually Hail a Taxi

In most part of Los Angeles, you can have pizza delivered faster than you can arrange a taxi. Downtown, they're everywhere. From the back of a cab, at certain angles, and only for a block or two, Downtown L.A actually looks like New York.

#4 - Warehouse Parties

I'm not gonna tell you who's performing, and I'm not gonna tell you where they are, but there's a pretty rad afterhours warehouse party scene in the shady corners of the industrial district. Ask that guy from your building with the funny haircut.

#3 - Hospitality Churn

So now that that Downtown is 'The Place To Be,' everybody from billionaire backers to your auntie wants to invest in a project. For consumers, that means there is a new eatery or bar opening up every other week trying to lure in customers with new ideas. Unfortunately for owners, there's also an establishment closing almost as fast as half-hatched ideas are found out. It sure makes for a vibrant hospitality scene, though!

(Photo Credit: Brigham Yen)

#2, Rooftop Pools/Rooftop Bars

What is this, The Real World? For the same price I would pay for a place in Silverlake, I can get a pool on my roof? Indulge your inner bro, take up some carbombs to the roof and yell things. It's L.A, baby.

#1 - Walking Home Drunk

Take that, DUI! According to research, knowing you're in stumbling distance of your apartment frees you up to make 63% more bad decisions. Take that extra pocket money you were saving up for the inevitable need for a DUI lawyer and spend it on rent!

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