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Reasons To Be Pissed Off At Madonna

Honestly, I've had it with this woman. She's an icon, I'm literally not saying she isn't. But what is she even UP to these days, from flashing her butt cheeks on the red carpet to shoving her tongue down Drake's throat on stage? Hello? Is she fine?? This attention seeking is v depressing IMHO. Here are a few reasons why Madonna needs to literally stop it this instant.

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She's a social climber.


First it was Britney, then Miley, then Drake. This chica is constantly trying to rub shoulders with whoever's the most famous at that moment. WE CAN SEE THROUGH YOU AND YOUR FAKE ALLIANCES MADONNA.

She still doesn't give a shit.


No matter how much shade I or anyone throws, she honestly doesn't give a shit. This bitch is never stepping down no matter what anyone says, even if she's the most embarrassing mother on planet earth. Oh well.

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