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    20 Preposterous '80s Sports Posters

    These posters are the pinnacle of human artistic achievement.

    1. Karl Malone- Special Delivery

    2. Brian Bosworth - The Land of the Boz

    3. Lawrence Taylor – The Terminator

    4. Jim Everett- General Blade

    5. Michael Jordan- Space

    6. Christian Okoye- Nigerian Nightmare

    7. Mark McGwire and Jose Canseco- The Bash Brothers

    8. Randall Cunningham- The Eagle Has Landed

    9. Mike Singletary- Bermuda Triangle

    10. Eric Davis- 44 Magnum


    12. Wade Boggs- Out of this World

    13. Dominique Wilkins- The Highlight Zone

    14. Daryl Dawkins- Chocolate Thunder

    15. Mark Gastineau- Markan the Barbarian

    16. Patrick Ewing- Madison Square Gaurdian

    17. Andre Dawson- The Hawk

    18. Jim Kelly- Kelly’s Heroes

    19. Curt Warner- The Blade Runner

    20. James Worthy- L.A. Law

    21. Now in Wallpaper form!

    All posters by John & Tock Costacos.