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    Braving Outdoor Music Festivals, As Told Through Various Dog GIFs

    The struggle is VERY real.

    1. Despite the odds, you've just secured a pair of tickets to your favorite outdoor music festival, and you're feeling pretty damn good about yourself.

    "Who's a good boy? I am!"

    2. At which point you suddenly question your $800 transaction, and wonder whether or not that money could've been better spent elsewhere...

    3. Even if your bank account takes a considerable hit, you know you did the right thing by taking the plunge.

    4. You've beaten the queues and are on your way to some seriously good times with friends and soon-to-be admirers.

    5. Time to select some sexy and stylish wardrobe essentials...

    6. ...and plan for a much needed Spa Day.

    7. Because you and the crew are ready to TURN UP!

    8. Soon you'll be saying goodbye to work, bills, and life itself.

    9. Cruising down the care-free highway LIKE A BOSS.

    10. You literally can't wait to tear up that motha****ing dancefloor!

    11. Festival security will be tight, so remember to pack lightly.

    12. Even if that means stashing everything in your underwear behind closed doors.

    13. From here on out, it's just you and the music.

    14. That sweet, sweet music...

    15. For the next 72 hours you are an unstoppable booty shaking machine.

    16. You haven't partied this hard since your mandatory office Christmas party!

    17. Flashback in 3, 2, 1...

    18. You'll encounter some spectacular artwork.

    19. And some not-so-spectacular outfits.

    20. There will be twerking.

    21. Lots of twerking.

    22. And weird loners dancing by themselves.

    23. There's a chance you'll get stuck between two really big, inconsiderate people.

    24. But it's cool, because you're there to FUCKING DANCE.

    25. When the bass drops, your tiny little brain will have no choice but to explode...

    26. You might even catch Paris Hilton DJ'ing a super secret after party!

    27. Your hangovers will be merciless, so avoid the sun at all costs.

    28. And hope to God one of your kind friends offers you a ride home.

    29. You literally can't wait to crawl back into that glorious bed of yours...

    30. Don't fret, you'll have plenty of photos to help relive your adventures!

    31. And the shared knowledge that together, you managed to make it out in one piece.

    32. So for now, do yourself a favor and try to get some sleep.

    You'll need it, princess.

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